Watch Video Sarfraz Ahmed Tried To Copy MS Dhoni But Failed Badly  

Nowadays Pakistani team plays against Zimbabwe and they felt really happy because his team has clean swept the series against Zimbabwe by 5-0.

But the Sarfraz Ahmed captain of Pakistan team didn’t perform well in the whole series he tried to copy former Indian skipper MS Dhoni and failed to a great extent.

Watch Video Sarfraz Ahmed Tried Copy MS Dhoni Failed Badly

Watch Video Sarfraz Ahmed Tried Copy MS Dhoni Failed Badly

Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed, you must have seen himself playing in the back of the wickets till today, but in the fifth match of Zimbabwe’s ODI series, Sarfaraz has taken out the wicketkeeping gloves and bowled in bowling. During this time the responsibility of wicketkeeping was played by Fakhar Jamman. This is the first time Sarfaraz has bowled in any international match. By the way, he only put two overs during this period and did not take any wickets after spending 15 runs. By the way, there will always be an insistence on this that even in this small spell, he has eaten six. Peter Moore fired air on his ball and the ball went straight to the gallery and dropped into the gallery.

Dhoni, Gilchrist, and Boucher have also done bowling

This is not the first time any wicketkeeper has bowled, but MS Dhoni of India, Adam Gilchrist and D. of Australia. Mark Boucher of Africa has also been bowling in the past. Dhoni had bowled two overs in the ICC Champions Trophy against West Indies in 2009 and was one wicket shock. At the same time, Adam Gilchrist bowled in a match played against Mumbai Indians in the IPL 2013 and had a wicket shock at the first ball.

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