Viral Video Married Man Beaten By His Wife In Public Place

Viral Video Married Man Beaten By His Wife In Public Place

Delhi – On a social media these days a video is floating in which a wife has her husband’s hut that kept watching the bus. In fact, she caught her husband with a girl in her hands. Both were enjoying a drink while sitting in a restaurant, so much so that his wife reached there and smashed both of them. In CCTV footage, you can see how the wife taught husband a lesson. People tried to intervene but the wife was like a ghost on her. Wife catches husband with women

Wife Beaten His Husband

Viral Video Married Man Beaten Wife Public Place

We all know that the relationship between husband and wife lies in love and faith. No wife or husband can afford to bear the point that her husband or his wife would be able to interact with another woman or a man. Especially women are skeptical about nature, they keep on spying their husbands. A similar look was seen in New Delhi The woman’s husband was drinking beer with another woman. The woman approached them directly and caught the girl’s hair and dropped her down from the chairs. The woman’s husband tried to save her girlfriends, but the inverted wife was bitten.

Viral Video Married Couple Fight

So far, 688,721 people have seen this video. In the video, the woman grabbed her husband’s collar and dragged her in front of everyone and started beating her. The woman taught her husband such a lesson that she will never be able to think about deceiving her further. Even after watching this video, maybe you never think about cheating your wife. None of the people present there tried to fall in this matter. The video of this funny incident is floating on social media and is becoming very viral.

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