40 Unknown Amazing facts about plants that you don’t know

There is only one plants from birth to death of man, which always helps him and fulfills most needs! We depend on plants and plants for everything from food to clothes to wear! You will be surprised to know that one plants gives so much oxygen a day, 4-5 people can be alive! Similarly, there are many interesting and interesting facts related to plants and plants that you must know! So let’s know


  1. Around 5 ab plants are planted every year in the whole world, but the sad thing is that every year 10 ab plants are being cut!


  1. 85% of the plants present in the whole world exist only and only in the infinite depth of the sea! These group of plants located inside the sea are also called Corals!


Amazing facts about plants


  1. Humans use more than 2000 types of plants to make various delicious foods in their food!


  1. You will be surprised to know that there is such a country in the world, whose name is given by the name of a plants! The name of this country is Brazil (Brazil)! The name Brazil is derived from a plants named Brazil Wood!


  1. Since the birth of humans on the earth, we have harvested more than 3 lakh crore plants! And even today, every 2 seconds, as many forests as a football field are being cut!


  1. You will be surprised to know that many plants plants are carnivorous and eat small insects and spiders to get useful nutrients! About 600 species of carnivorous plants have been found!


  1. Fully grown plants keeps the environment pure 70-75 times that of a newly planted plants!


  1. The amount of carbon that a plants absorbs in a year, is the same amount of carbon a car produces when it runs 41500 kilometres!


  1. His health is the biggest capital for any human being! Plants also provide many medicines to humans! It also includes some priceless herbs.


  1. Gingko biloba is the oldest plants species in the world! This plants dates back some 250 million years!


  1. A mature plants can provide enough wood to make 170,100 pencils! Apart from this, plants and plants fulfil countless needs of humans!


  1. 20% of China’s plants are used to make medicines!


  1. So far, more than 300,000 plants-plant species have been identified on the earth and this list is constantly expanding!


  1. A plants absorbs about 21.7 kg of carbon dioxide in a year.


  1. A plants named “Metuselah” in America is 4,845 years old! Hardly any other creature on this earth would have been alive for so long!

Unknown Amazing facts about plants

  1. There are about 30 odd 40 plants on the earth! That means more than the stars and cells present in the human mind!


  1. The “baobab” found in Africa can store 1000 to 120,000 litters of water in the trunk of its plants!


  1. The world’s tallest living plants Redwood National Park is located in California! The height of which is 115.85 meters! That is, higher than the American Parliament House and the Statue of Liberty!


  1. There are more than 80,000 species of plants and plants for humans to eat in the whole world!


  1. You will be surprised to know that there are only 35 Ab plants left in India! Russia has the highest number of plants in the world at 641 now, followed by 318 now in Canada, 301 now in Brazil and 228 in the United States!


  1. It is a wonder that apple, onion and potato taste the same! You can test it by closing your nose while eating food!


  1. If all the plants of the world are talked about equally in every human being, then 422 plants will come in every human part!


  1. A research has shown that plants of the same species also exchange nutrients within themselves at the time of need.


  1. There are 20,000 species of plants all over the world! India has the highest number of species, second is America!


  1. Paid meets 10% of its dosage from soil and 90% from air!


  1. You will be surprised to know that Alnwick Garden in England is the most dangerous garden in the world! There are many plants that kill humans. This garden is also known as Poison Garden!


  1. Line of plants reduces dust-soil level by 75%, and reduces noise by 50%! Think how beneficial plants is for humans!


  1. There is a plant in Australia called “Suicidal Plant”! This plant very much inspires the feeling of happiness within humans! Only a glimpse of this plant causes a feeling of strange sorrow within a human being!



  1. A plants produces as much cold in the atmosphere as 1 A.C does for 20 hours in 10 rooms! The area that is surrounded by plants is 9 degrees colder than other areas!


  1. More than 20% of the world’s oxygen is supplied by the Amazon forest plants!


  1. The Amazon Basin is the largest area under forests! And you will be surprised to know that it is spread in more area than Maharashtra state!


  1. A plants absorbs an average of 1 ton of carbon dioxide throughout its life span!


  1. Tulsi, peepal, neem and banyan produce the most oxygen than the plants of others!


  1. There are about 70000 plant species used in medicine worldwide.


  1. A plants can suck 2000 liters of water from the earth in a year!


  1. There is no such species of flowers in the world that is completely black in color, nor has anyone been able to grow it!


  1. A plants full of sunch (Birch) produces 10 lakh seeds in a year!


Unknown Amazing facts about plants

  1. You will be surprised to know that as humans get cancer, the plants also get cancer! Plants start giving less oxygen after getting cancer!


  1. The roots of plants can go very low in the ground! In South Africa, the ground of a fig plants was found up to 400 meters long!


  1. The oldest plants in the world is in the Dalarna province of Sweden! This plants named Tejikko is 9580 years old.


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