Some Smart Mobile App Will Blowing Your Mind

Smart Mobile Apps Blowing Mind

Today is the era of smartphones today, especially the arrival of Android phones has made a lot of sense for the people. They can do banking, news reading and all such work from anywhere. But the most noticeable thing for those who have a smartphone is that they use the apps. Even if you are a smartphone user, but if your mobile does not have apps that are in demand nowadays then keeping your smartphone is useless. So today we are going to tell you about some such apps that are quite fun, and you can prove to be effective in keeping them active all the time. Weird android phone apps

Virtual BeerSmart Mobile Apps Blowing Mind

Virtual Beer is an app that gives your phone a glass-like shape. The specialty of this app is that the users installing it will see real beer and bubbles in their phone. After installing it, you will always have your phone look like a beer glass.

Kiss meSmart Mobile Apps Blowing Mind

This app is for single people. That is, people who have no girlfriends or boyfriend can use this app. Through this app, you have to see the girl who looks on the screen on your screen, whose lips are found.

SMTHSmart Mobile Apps Blowing Mind

This app is so much fun that even heart attack can give the heart attack. If you are using expensive phones then stay away from this app because you have to push the phone to play this app. Amazing thing is that the more you throw your phone up, the more points you get.

 Paper RacingSmart Mobile Apps Blowing Mind

If you play in the toilet and play with toilet paper, then this game is definitely made for Jaso. In this app, you have to stretch toilet paper fast. The faster you get the toilet paper, the more points you get. This game has single and multiple two modes.

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Pimple PopperSmart Mobile Apps Blowing Mind

Those people who have the habit of taking out the pimples of their face, download this app right away. Because this app is specially designed for people who are fond of removing the pimples. So if you have this hobby then just download this app and enjoy

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