Poonam Panday Nip-Slip On Live Instagram Video

Poonam Pandey, the day’s headlined actress and model who came from her bold style, sometimes comes to the headlines from her statements and her hot look. These days, Poonam Pandey has again come to the news due to a ‘mistake by mistake’. Now it is done with deception or deliberately done, it is Poonam. Every time Poonam wounds the fence with his bold look or trolls. It is said that Poonam even performs his boldness in the headlines.

Poonam Panday Nip-Slip Live Instagram Video

Nip-Slip On Live Instagram Video

This time Poonam has done something that you would be ashamed to see. On the social media, a video is increasingly becoming viral in which Poonam Pandey is seen. Recently, Poonam was going to live the Instagram for direct connection with her fans and during this time she was wearing a night suit. Suddenly during this video, Poonam’s clothes got stuck and she started fixing them. Poonam suddenly removed the camera from the front and then came out and said, “Nothing has happened.” This video has been shared with Yogi Baba’s Twitter handle.

Poonam Panday Nip-Slip Video

A few days ago Poonam was in the discussion about his tweets. Let me tell you that Poonam tweeted on a plastic ban in Maharashtra, “Plastic has been banned, who has also made the plastic surgery, do not go on the road.” Along with this, Poonam wrote a second tweet, “I want to ask if the condom is included in it?


Just a few days ago, Poonam was just walking on the street wearing a shirt, he did not wear anything down. Poonam was trolled quite a lot on this too. Along with this, we have given Poonam a statement like having a nude on winning the match.

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