Pakistani Girl Sensual Belly Dance On Indian Song

Presently, the conditions of India-Pakistan are known to the whole world. Since the Uri attack, a lot of distance has increased between the two countries. Before the attack, more than half of Pakistan’s artists used to live in India. And took the minds of people from their art. At the same time, Indian films and songs, as well as the Pakistani people of the serial here, were quite Muslims. But after the attack, all changed.

Pakistani Girl Sensual Belly Dance Indian Song

While the Indians asked Pakistani artists to leave India and they never ordered to come back. They barred Indian songs, films, and serials in Pakistan. It is said that how much binding is that which is crazy. It breaks all the binding and does what it wants to do. This happened in Pakistan these days! Despite having so much restriction, a girl has danced on the songs of Indian film that the beholders will knock their fingers under their teeth, and they will say what the girl has done the dance! The video of the Pakistani girl’s dance video on social media is becoming very viral this time.

Indeed, a Pakistani girl danced on the song of Salman Khan’s super hit film “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun”. The girl has not just danced, she has danced in such a way that the senses of the viewers will fly. This Pakistani wood has shown that people will break it so much that it will be binding, and especially on the bondage of art! This is the story of how well Indian movies and songs are famous in Pakistan. Despite the ban of the Pakistani government, people are not making any difference. You can also see in the video that the girl has done a dance with passion.

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