Meet Parle G Girl How She Looks Today

You know that change is the rule of nature. It is a bitter truth that the thing that looks like today in this world will be visible even after 100 years. It is not necessary. Although some natural things do not change even after hundreds of years, there is a change in mortal things. Especially when we talk to someone, it definitely happens. You know that when a child is born then he looks so innocent. But in the time of the day, it does not look like that.

Biscuits Are Used In Every House As Snacks

Meet Parle G Girl Looks Today

As the child grows up, it changes. Over time, she is young, she gets married, she has children, she is old and dies a day. Nobody can change this thing. The person who is young today, he will also be old. Often when we are in childhood, we have a passion for many mines and drinks. One of these is Biscuits. Yes, all children and adults love biscuits. It is used in every house in the form of snacks.

Even Today, People Eat Parle G Biscuits

Meet Parle G Girl Looks Today

Not only children but big and old also eat biscuits with great interest. When a guest comes home, biscuits are also given to drink water. There are many types of biscuits available in the market, one of them is biscuits Parle G Even today when the name of the biscuit comes, the first name on the word of people comes from Parle G. There is no shortage of people in Parle G Biscuits, you will also like it too.

For The Last 60 Years, Only One Photo

Meet Parle G Girl Looks Today

Even though the number of people in Parle G Biscuit mines is highest, but people who are thinking about its packets are very few. Have you ever thought that who is the photo of Parle G packet, who is it? You may also have noticed that since the ParleG biscuits have come in the market, only then is the girl getting the photo packet. Many people tried to find out about it but failed. Today, we are going to show you that who is this photo of.

Papa Was Taken At The Age Of 4 Photo

Meet Parle G Girl Looks Today

In fact, the girl whose photo is seen on the packet of Parle G biscuits is Sudha Murthy. When Sudha Murthy was 4 years old, her father had taken this photo. This photo was chosen by Parle G Company for its brand biscuits. This time Sudha Murthy has turned 65. This is the first time that for the last 60 years only one photo has been attached to a brand. Today 60 years later, the identity of B Sudha Murthy’s same childhood photo Parle G remains.

In the end, when talking to Mayank Shah, the product manager of Parle G, he told that … the photograph of Parle G biscuits is not of any real girl, it is a fictional face prepared by the artists of her and anyone matching his face is just a coincidence, nothing more than that.


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