Meet Natwarlal Who Sold The Taj Mahal Red Fort and Rashtrapati Bhavan

Meet Natwarlal Sold Taj Mahal Red Fort Rashtrapati Bhavan

New Delhi: By the way, many smugglers are present in India. But today we are going to introduce you to such a sham, whose name today is the child of the child of India. And who would not know the names of such people, because the exploits of these sages were such. Actually, we are talking today, India’s biggest thief “Natwarlal”. This thug sold the Taj Mahal three times, the Red Fort twice and Rashtrapati Bhavan 1 time. And no one else had news about this. But, every criminal one day comes to the law.

As soon as this big shack was arrested, it asked the police in the question, “I have not given any money to threaten anyone, but people give me the money by adding their hands.” He further said If you have brains, then you will find out the truth. People of India know only by the name of Natwarlal, the biggest thug, but in today’s article, we will tell you something about this which you probably will not even know. So what are the friends of late? Let’s know their exploits

Meet Natwarlal Sold Taj Mahal Red Fort Rashtrapati Bhavan
Known as Natwarlal, the name of India’s biggest cheat was famous as Mithlesh Kumar Shrivastav. It is said that they used to loot the thief too. Apart from this, he also looted money and jewelry from many prostitutes. The name of Dimilesh Kumar Shrivastav alias Natwarlal came to Prekhao when he sold the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Mithlesh Kumar Shrivastav

Mithlesh Kumar Shrivastav, a thief of money, had been practicing in the real life. However, he gave more importance to the work of this shit and became India’s biggest smugly. He was such a big smug that he was searching for police of 8 states. More than 100 cases are registered in his name.

They were arrested by the police and in a short time, they managed to escape after dodging the law. For your information, we will tell you that Natwarlal has been absconding from 8 different jails. They did not leave anyone to cheat. Natwarlal cheated Rajiv Gandhi, President Rajendra Prasad, and many other people.

Meet Natwarlal Sold Taj Mahal Red Fort Rashtrapati Bhavan
There was a time when the fear of his name was in India. From 1970 to 1990, they cheated every smallest and bigger people Though Natwarlal was a criminal in view of the law, if he considered Natwarlal, he would call himself a social worker. Once in the police questioning, he had told that “I just lie to the people and if people give money to my lie, then what is wrong with me.” He had also offered to the government that if the government If he gives permission, then he will also allow the entire foreign debt of India above his thieves.

Meet Natwarlal Sold Taj Mahal Red Fort Rashtrapati Bhavan

The birth of Mithilesh Kumar Shrivastav alias Natwarlal was done in Bangra village of Siwan district, he had told the world three times in the Taj Mahal twice by selling the Rashtrapati Bhavan and telling the world that they have something different. Natwarlal also cheated the then President Dr. Rajendra Prasad by falsely signing him. Apart from this he also made millions of rupees from Dhirubhai Ambani, Tata and Birla. Our cheers for such a thug!


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