Know Latest Feature Of WhatApp Update App Now

If you are also a Whatsapp user. Then this news is for you. Because in this report, we will tell you about 3 such features of WhatsApp. Which will be coming in the next 7 days. The special thing is that after the introduction of these features. The whole process of running WhatsApp will change. And Whatsapp will not just be a messaging app. So let’s know about them.

Latest Feature WhatsApp Update App Now

What is the biggest and most feature-rich feature in the WhatsApp, is the UPI based payment feature, after which you will get rid of many apps. You will be able to do many things like buying stuff from the same WhatsAppSpace, sending money at home, making money from someone in your account. You will not need to keep separate app for payment after it arrives. This feature is just coming to India’s users and many beta users have also got this feature. You will also find this by next week.

Group Video Calling Add Multiple People In One Time

Latest Feature WhatApp Update App Now

The feature of the work which is going to come in WhatsApp is that of group video calling. After the arrival of this feature, video calling will be done in WhatsApp’s group, although in the group calling 4 people can talk only once. For example, while calling, you will get 3 people to add the option, after which you will be able to chat with 4 people together.

Tell that the people you select will go to the notice when you call them, after that they will be able to talk if they receive the call, however one disadvantage of this feature is that if you are in the office and by making a call in the group If you select, you will have trouble. After the arrival of this feature, video calling app like imo can decrease the number of users of video calling app.

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Latest Feature WhatApp Update App Now

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