Know About The Reel vs Real Life Characters of Tarak Mehta ka ulta Chashma

Today, TV and cable are present in every home. Talking about Aurora, watching the serials of Saas Bahu is the most favorite of them all day long. But today we are going to tell you about a serial that neither relies on the fight of Saas Bahu nor on Aashiki Actually, this show is not just another but the famous family comedy show “Tarak Mehta’s Reverse Chashma” that has been running for years. Significantly, this show is the only show on all TVs, which people like most to watch.

The specialty of this show is the art car working in it, which makes us laugh by putting laughing at our laugh. Not only this, but everyone is desperate to be part of Gokuldham’s society. You might be surprised to know that, despite having such a long-year-old show, people consider it as their favorite and even today the show touches the seventh sky of the TRP.Know Reel vs Real Life Characters Tarak Mehta ka ulta ChashmaHowever, this was the talk of this show, but today we are going to introduce you to the real life of famous artists of this great show. The people whom you have always seen laughing on the screen are very different in the real life. So let’s know about some of the special facts related to the real life of these artists-

Dilip Joshi As Jethalal

Know Reel vs Real Life Characters Tarak Mehta ka ulta ChashmaIf you are the fan of Tarak Mehta’s Reverse Chashma Show then you will know Dilip Joshi i.e. Jethalal. Jethalal is the show’s life. Today, the credit for the success of the show goes to Jethalal alias Dilip. Dilip’s real-life wife is named Jaimala. Their married life is very good and they have two children. One of the daughters named destiny and son’s name is Ritwik. Dilip earns around 50000 Rs a day, everyone is surprised to see their luxurious lifestyle.

Daya Gadda As Daksha Wakani

Know Reel vs Real Life Characters Tarak Mehta ka ulta ChashmaDaughter sister, who is laughing most at Tarak Mehta, does not need any identity because her name has become her identity. For your information, let us tell you that the real name of mercy is to guide you. The direction was to love acting from childhood as soon as he grew up and fulfilled it. Talk about salaries, then Dayaben earns 1 day Rs 40000.

Shailesh Lodha As Tarak Mehta

Know Reel vs Real Life Characters Tarak Mehta ka ulta ChashmaShailesh, who played Jethalal’s best friend in this serial, was born in Sirohi district of Rajasthan. He is not only a good artist but also a very good writer. He has written many books in his life. Prior to writing, it was also helpful in comedy. If Salary is talked, Shailesh’s 1 day salary is Rs 32000.

Bhave Gandhi As Tappu


Know Reel vs Real Life Characters Tarak Mehta ka ulta ChashmaThe most laughing Pappu army puts on the backside of Tarak Mehta’s glasses. Gauri Gandhi, who plays the 11-year-old Pappu in the show, earns 10000 Rs in 1 day.

 Amit Bhatt As Champaklal

Know Reel vs Real Life Characters Tarak Mehta ka ulta ChashmaAmit Bhatt alias Champaklal, who plays Bapu’s role in Gokuldham’s society, has made a different identity. At present, Amit Bhatt is 40 years old and he is younger than Jethalal. Amit was working in theater for the last 16 years in which he played more in Gujarati and Hindi.

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