Know The Reason Why It Is Written On The Note That ‘I Promise To Pay The Holder’?

In our daily lives, we used to use notes of rupees five to two thousand notes for the purchase of something. But have you ever noticed that from small notes to big notes of two thousand. One thing is common in all and that is a sentence written on our country’s notes. “I Promise To Pay The Holder The Sum Of Hundred Rupees”

Know Reason Written Note Promise Pay Holder

Know Reason Written Note Promise Pay Holder

You must have read this sentence on the notes too but do you know what is the story behind this sentence. And why it is written on all notes. By taking notes, there will be many more questions in your mind such as why the color of 20 rupee notes is pink? So today we are going to answer all these questions and tell you what is the reason behind them.

Know Reason Written Note Promise Pay HolderThe color of the notes of twenty rupees is a very interesting story behind the choice of pink. When Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister of our country. She had convened a meeting before issuing notes of 20 rupees. In which the decision was to decide how the color of the note should be. Many people in the meeting showed the design of the note to Indira Gandhi. But Indira ji did not like any of them.
Know Reason Written Note Promise Pay Holder

After quite a long time, he could not reach the conclusion. In the meeting, former Maharashtra Chief Secretary PD Kesabekar was also involved and he wore Nylon’s shirt. Suddenly, the eyes of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi caught on the pocket of Kasabaker. There was a colorful envelope in her pocket whose color was very good to Indira ji. And for a long time she kept looking at the pocket of Kasabekar and kept looking at him. Kasabker also felt very strange that after all, Indira Ji is constantly looking at her pocket.

I Promise To Pay The Holder

Know Reason Written Note Promise Pay HolderIndira Gandhi asked Kasabkar for the envelope and said that I like this color and design and said that the note of 20 should be of the same color. In this way, Indira Gandhi took this decision and ended the meeting there only. Actually the envelope was a wedding invitation card. The first note of 20 rupees was printed in pink color on June 1, 1972.
In the note, instead of five hundred and a thousand rupees notes, new colors and designs have come in the note of 500 and 2000 notes. but the color and design of the notes of twenty rupees is still the same, there is no change in it, thought about the future Can not say anything in

Know Reason Written Note Promise Pay Holder

Apart from this, some people do not even know why ‘I promise to pay the holder ..’ is written on the notes. This question has been asked in many examinations and interviews so in this case, you need to know about this. In fact, Gold reserves the same value as the RBI keeps in its currency. To give this assurance to the holder, it states that if you have twenty rupees, then this means that the reserve bank has your 20 rupee gold reserve. In the same way, it is written on other notes also that you have the note which you have and that your gold is equal to the value of the Reserve Bank, and the Reserve Bank may give it to you instead of the note Is committed to


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