Jhon Cena Follow These 3 Indian Celebrities On Twitter

The star of the WWE, whose profession is Wrestler, as well as an actor and rapper. John Cena’s full name for WWII’s starry stars is Flix Anthony Cena. He forced many people from their fight to make their crazy and many people that they like them. John threw big wrestlers on the ground and attracted people by showing their body. He is still active on social media according to today’s age, he uses platforms like Instagram and Twitter. John has 9.8 million follows on Instagram, while John Cena has not followed anyone on the Instagram as of now. Apart from this, they have 11.3 million follows on Twitter, and John follows about 2500 people. But surprisingly, the three big celebrities of India follow John Cena, who are they?

John Cena Follow These 3 Big Celebrities Of India

John Cena has millions of fans all over the world and John also follows a lot of people, but the three artists from India who follow John Cena, this is a big deal in itself. If we follow someone on social media, we also like them and they prove to be inspirational. Now let’s say that three Indian likes of John Cena, who they follow.

Aamir KhanJhon Cena Follow 3 Indian Celebrities Twitter

Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood likes Aamir Khan to like John Cena. They follow him on twitter and share each post with their likes and most of the posts. Aamir Khan’s popularity is much higher in China than in India, but Wrestler John Cena proved that the fan of Aamir Khan is not only in India and China but also in the whole world.

Shahrukh KhanJhon Cena Follow 3 Indian Celebrities Twitter

Shah Rukh Khan, who is said to be the King of Romance in Bollywood, has a fan in India, besides many countries in Dubai, America, London, and Europe. But wrestler John Cena will also get you the fan of Shahrukh Khan. Let us tell you that in an interview, John himself had said that Shahrukh Khan is the best actor of Bollywood and he has hardly any action to do romance like him. John Cena follows Shahrukh Khan on a very serial tweet and he is often praised by the Bollywood emperor.

Virat KohliJhon Cena Follow 3 Indian Celebrities Twitter

Wrestler John Cena was also impressed with the Indian team captain and young icon style icon Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli has been linked to the industry, he is seen in advertisements on many big brands, his wife is also Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, obviously, in future, when she retires from cricket, she can be seen in the movies. All like Virat’s style and boys follow them.

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