Inspiring Story of Pune Chaiwala Who Makes 12 Lakh Per Month Just By Selling Tea

‘Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to’. Throughout the ages, many success stories of ordinary people doing something extraordinary continue to inspire us and consolidate our belief that ‘dreams do come true if we have the courage to act on them’. In this article, we are going to present the story of a Pune Chaiwala who earn the whopping amount of 12 lakh per month merely by selling the tea.

Inspiring Story Pune Chaiwala Makes 12 Lakh Per Month Just Selling Tea

The awe-inspiring journey of Navnath Yewle, the co-founder of Yewle tea house commenced when he moved from Pune to Purandar at the tender age of 16. For the livelihood, he started selling milk which eventually gave him the idea of setting up the tea stalls. He quickly rent a shop in the Pune district camp to sell the tea and in 1983 he bought the shop in Salisbury Park. With the sheer hard work and dedication, their tea business started expanding prodigiously and they opened other outlets in the various prominent areas of the Pune and started serving snacks along with the Chai.

Inspiring Story Pune Chaiwala Makes 12 Lakh Per Month Just Selling Tea

Ups and downs come in everyone life and so does in the life of Navnath when the biggest inspiration of his life Dashrath (Father) passed away in the year 2001. Even this event, didn’t stop him to pursue the excellence and success. After the sad demise of Dashrath, Navnath took a load of entire business on his shoulders and forwarded it with the help of his brothers. It took them several months to find the exact proportion of tea, milk, and water to make the perfect tea recipe and use the same proportion across all the tea stalls. This simple formula ensures the taste of tea similar at all of the tea stalls they own.

Inspiring Story Pune Chaiwala Makes 12 Lakh Per Month Just Selling Tea


Approximately 1000kg of sugar and 300 kg of tea powder is used every month along with an uncountable number of teacups to serve tea across the three branches in Pune. Like any other visionary, Navnath too has the plan to open myriad of tea outlets nationwide and in international markets also. When asked what is the secret ingredient of such a lip-smacking tea, he smiles and said ‘just try our tea at least once’.

Navnath Yewle life journey is a perfect example of every dreamer and entrepreneur. Anyone who believes in their dream and has unwavering focus is bound to get success someday!

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