India’s 10 Richest Cities Which City You Are from

You must have heard of rich people, but have you ever heard of the wealthy cities. We will tell you about 10 major cities of India on the basis of GDP. These rich cities have a huge contribution in strengthening India in the name of the economy.


India's 10 richest cities City

Visakhapatnam is ranked 10th in the list of rich cities. city is famous as Vizag. The total gross domestic product of this city is $ 26 billion. Visakhapatnam is the oldest shipyard and the largest port in the country. This city of Andhra Pradesh has big industries such as Gail, Vizag Steel, and Hindustan Steel. Fish in Vishakapatnam’s many homes are the only means of earning.


India's 10 richest cities City

Surat’s GDP is 40 billion US dollars. According to an estimate, Surat’s GDP will become $ 57 billion in 2020. Surat is known as the Diamond Hub of the world. About 90 percent of the world’s diamond is harvested and its polished look only takes place. Its percentage is 99.9 percent from India’s perspective. Surat is also called the textile city. Surat has about 380 dining and printing mills and 41 thousand power looms. 40 percent of India’s artificial fabrics come from the sun. India’s 10 richest cities City


India's 10 richest cities City

Pune is the second largest metropolis in Maharashtra. Its GDP is $ 48 billion. Within a few years, this city has attracted everyone’s attention due to IT companies and the growing office of the automobile. The World Bank has invested in Pune for the processing of food cluster and vegetables.
About 250 German companies have set their offices in Pune itself. In this 60 years, Pune has now become the hub of the German industry.


India's 10 richest cities City

Ahmedabad is not the capital of Gujarat, but less than that. citys one of the big cities of Gujarat. Whose $ 64 billion in GDP. Ahmedabad has big companies like Adani Group, Nirma, Arvind Mills, Cadila, and Torrent pharmaceutical manufacturers. Ahmedabad is the largest producer of denim. There is also the largest exporter of jewels and jewelry.


India's 10 richest cities City

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu and the primary port city of South India. The city’s GDP is $ 66 billion. Chennai city is famous for automobile, software services, medical tourism, hardware manufacturing and financial services. Chennai is the second largest producer of IT related services. Chennai is also the largest electronic exporter in India, which is around 50% of the total exporters. Many auto giants such as Ford, Nissan, BMW are headquartered in Chennai.


India's 10 richest cities City

Hyderabad is also known as ‘City of Pearls’. Hyderabad’s GDP is $ 74 billion. The institution named Lonely Planet ranked Hyderabad as the third best city in tourism. Apart from this, Hyderabad is also called India’s ‘Genome Valley of India’. This capital of newly formed Telangana has been recognized as the center of the world’s pharmaceutical industry. The offices of Google, Amazon, IBM and many international companies are also located in this major IT city. India’s 10 richest cities City


India's 10 richest cities City

Bengaluru is the capital of Karnataka. Bangalore is also called India’s Silicon City. Bangalore’s GDP is $ 83 billion. One of the 10 big cities of the world, liked by Bengaluru entrepreneurs. This city provides employment to about 35 percent of IT professionals in the country. Most techies going abroad from India go out of Bengaluru. About 65 percent of India’s aviation business is from Bengaluru. India’s 10 richest cities City


India's 10 richest cities City

West Bengal’s capital and Kolkata’s GDP of India is 150 billion US dollars. Kolkata is a major port city and the commercial center of North-East India. Like big cities, Kolkata has also become an important place for IT companies and BPOs


India's 10 richest cities City

GDP of India’s capital Delhi is 167 billion US dollars. Being the country’s capital, there will be a large number of government and semi-government employees. Being the most attractive retail market here, Delhi attracts most FDI. The service sector here contributes more than 80 percent of Delhi’s GDP. Major service sectors include information technology, hotels, banking, media, and tourism. India’s 10 richest cities City


India's 10 richest cities City

Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra and the economic capital of India. City produces its commercial, fashion, entertainments, and capital. The GDP of Mumbai is 209 billion US dollars every year. 70% of India’s ports are traded in Mumbai. Headquarters of NSE, BSE, RBI and many other essential organizations are also located in Mumbai. Apart from these, 3 big companies of the country are operating from Reliance Industry Limited, Tata Group and Aditya Birla Group, Mumbai. Which city is your city, please tell us

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