Honest Review Of Movie Sanju

Ranbir Kapoor’s most successful film ‘Sanju’ was released today. Ranbir Kapoor has worked hard for this movie based on the life of Sanjay Dutt and he is now looking at the screen. Anyone who has seen the movie has not been able to praiseHonest Review Movie SanjuThe film’s first day-before show is almost complete and the audience is lost in the story of ‘Sanju’. Meanwhile, a public review has also come. The audience has described the first half as mindblowing.

Honest Review Movie Sanju

Social media is littered with the praise of ‘Sanju’. Yes, why not Ranbir Kapoor has given the audience the memory of Sanjay Dutt 4-decade old. Rajkumar Hirani also compiled Sanjay’s 37-year-old life in three hours.Honest Review Movie SanjuNow let’s take a look at some of the audience’s tweets. One user wrote, ‘Ranbir Kapoor is very much above Salman Khan in terms of acting. The whole country is proud of them. They have the ability to become a great actor.

Another user writes, “Such biopic will not be made in the history of Bollywood. Rajkumar has done a very good direction. There is no word for Ranbir Kapoor’s acting to be praised. ‘Honest Review Movie Sanju

Honest Review Movie Sanju

Sumit Kadle, a critical writer, wrote, “Junker Film”. Rajkumar Hirani is the genius. Rungte is standing watching the movie. There is a smile on the lips and tears in the eyes. Sanju could not do anything better than Ranbir. Ranbir’s best movie career.Honest Review Movie SanjuFrom the audience’s review, you might have been thinking that you do not mind the mistake of seeing this movie. Actor and dancer Javed Jafri have praised Vicky Skills in addition to Ranbir Kapoor in the film.

Viewers Are Giving 5 Out Of 5 Stars To The Movie

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