Feel Proud To Watch Foreign Lady Sang Our National Anthem Vande Matram

You will know about the Indian national anthem. I am talking about the national anthem, not National song  You have never sung in your life what you do not know the national anthem of India! I am talking about India’s national anthem “Vande Mataram”! It was written by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee in Sanskrit. It was written at that time when our country was under British rule. At that time, the song was composed only by the purpose of promoting the people who were engaged in the fight for independence. Although our country has been many years free, still this song works to fill our hearts.

Feel Proud Watch Foreign Lady Sang National Anthem Vande Matram

Every place in the country plays the national anthem

Even today when Independence Day or Republic Day is celebrated, this song is heard in every street of the country. You have often seen this song singing or singing an Indian. But have you heard any foreigner singing the national anthem of India? Probably will not be heard. But today we have brought a video for you in which a foreign woman is singing the national anthem of India on the guitar tune. You will surely be surprised after watching this video, and you will also be proud.

Ghazals and Hindi songs have a lot of attachment

Indeed, a foreign woman named Tanya Wells has a lot of love for Ghazals and Hindi songs. Because of this, he has sung many ghazals and Hindi songs. Listening to Hindi songs in their foreign language, you will have a different experience. Whoever watched Tanya Wells singing and heard, at first she could not believe what a foreigner could sing in Hindi songs. Tanya is passionate about Hindi songs and ghazals.

From the mouth of a foreign woman, listening to the national anthem will be a pleasant experience. In the video, you can see how Tanya is singing the national anthem “Vande Mataram” with her guitar sitting on the ladder. In today’s times where some Indians shy away from

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