5 Most Dangerous Places In The World

5 Dangerous Places World

This world is very big and odd-poorer. There are different kinds of people and creatures in this world. If there is talk of places, there are many such places here, where no human has been reached till date. Here in some places there is a dense settlement of humans, then there is a deserted forest. With it there are many such places on earth, where humans are not allowed to go. Some of these places have been kept hidden from the public, so in some places it is very dangerous for humans to go. Today we are going to tell you about some such places.

North Sentinel Island (Indian Ocean)

5 Dangerous Places World For your information, let’s say it is considered the most circumcised island of the Indian Ocean. This island, named North Sentinel, is a very dangerous tribal tribe. These people like to be cut off from the whole world. These people are so much more dangerous that they do not even let anyone shove around them. Whatever the outsider tries to find here, the tribe here kills him. Sentinel tribe is also known as the Lost Tribe. To prevent people from knowing here, the Indian Navy has built a three-mile buffer.

Snake Island (Brazil)

5 Dangerous Places World There is also one such island in Brazil where only snakes are a snake. The name of this island is Ilha de Queimada Grande. It is forbidden for humans to go here. It is also known as snake island because of the snake being found. A large number of golden pit vipers are found on this island which is located 93 miles from São Paulo. They are considered to be one of the world’s poisonous snoops. There are so many snakes on this island that there are about 5 snakes in a square meter. There can be a snake researcher with permissions here, and they are not allowed to enter the island.

Lascake Caves (France)

5 Dangerous Places World There was a time when France’s Lascakek caves were considered the best place to leave. When it was opened to the public, its artworks suffered damage, so it was closed to the common people.

Povlalia (Italy)

5 Dangerous Places World The history of this island, located between Venice and Lido, is very terrible. For your information, please tell the plague patients in ancient times and they were left to die. Even when there was a fever, patients were brought here and released. Those who died were buried here. Once here, 1 lakh 60 thousand sick people were burnt alive. Since then, this island is known as the ghost of ghosts. The government has restricted people from going here.

Area 51 (USA)

5 Dangerous Places WorldIt sounds like some heard-pronounced name. Yes, this place has also been mentioned in many Hollywood movies. This is America’s Secret Military Base, which is also a secret to the American people as well as to the whole world. There are different types of talk about this place. Even here it is said that at this point there was a UFO crash, one of which was out of the aliens. The military has kept that aliens in its possession. In 2015, America acknowledged the existence of aliens, but it was also said that no aliens were kept hidden in Area 51. It is absolutely forbidden to go out of the outskirts.

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