10 Upcoming Bollywood Biopics

10 Upcoming Bollywood Biopics

Bollywood is going through a very bad phase at this time and on one side, where the movie content of Bahubali 2 is being televised, and a film like Dangle is earning only Rs 1000 crore on the story of China, There has been a lot of reduction.

And now, there is something happening in Bollywood that everyone will be upset. At least viewers will not find this thing. Talking about biopic films At present

Gulshan Kumar Biopic

Akshay Kumar is bringing biopic on Gulshan Kumar in 2019. The film is being produced by Gulshan Kumar’s son Bhushan Kumar. It is worth mentioning that Gulshan Kumar’s death is the most sensational murder of Bollywood.


Arjun Rampal is coming with this year’s Daddy film, which is made up of Mumbai gangster Arun Gawli. Not only that, recently a picture of Arjun Rampal and Arun Gawli was viral, which also created quite controversy.

Rakesh Sharma Biopic

Rakesh Sharma biopic is believed that the name of the movie can be salute or even from where everything can be good. However, Aamir Khan has not started preparing for the film yet. Siddharth Roy Kapur’s new company will produce the film.

Narendra Modi Biopic

It is believed that Akshay Kumar is also being approached for the Narendra Modi biopic. However, consider these reports as rumors only. But if Akshay is seen in such a character then he will enjoy.

Kalpna Chawala Biopic

It is believed that Priyanka Chopra is being approached for the film.

Khelash Satyarthi Biopic

Bhamran Irani will be seen in the role of Khelash Satyarthi, the Nobel prize winner in this movie called Jhalki.

Bal Thackeray Biopic

It is believed that Smita Thackeray is planning a Marathi biopic on Bal Thackeray for which Akshay Kumar is being approached.

Anand Kumar Biopic

In Bihar, IIT became a 30-year-old machine, but Anand Kumar is also making a biopic, which Hrithik is lighting.

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10 Upcoming Bollywood Biopics

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